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The Horsewoman Project Podcast


A space where horsewomen can come together and talk about all the things. Anything goes from relationships and horse training, to fitness and health for the rider.

We will drop some tidbits along the way on how to increase your health and riding through fitness and nutrition and talk you through common training issues that come up with our client and personal horses.

- McKayla and Camri

​Camri Johnson

Camri Johnson is the head trainer at J Family Equine.  She focuses her life-long passion for horses into her training methods. In 2011 she received a Bachelor's degree from Utah State University for Equine Science and Management, and went on to become a barn manager for a training barn in Virginia. She also has experience training the famous ponies on Chincoteague Island.  After these experiences, she moved forward with her dream of managing her own training operation. Camri has competed in the 2018 Cokeville Colt Challenge and was nominated and selected as Sevier County's Cowgirl of the Year for 2020.

Camri's training methods are based on building confidence and connection between horse and rider. Camri teaches the horse to respond and not react, and instills a desire to learn. A horse that is willing to learn can move on to any discipline and one day become a champion.

McKayla Lyman.jpeg
McKayla Lyman


McKayla  helps horsewomen gain confidence through building the physique and health they’ve always wanted.


She has been around horses her whole life training colts, instructing riders, teaching equine science, trick riding, and coaching vaulting.


Through exploring all of these areas she found a link between the fitness and health of the rider and how they were able to connect and perform with their horses. 

As McKayla continued to grow her skills as a horse trainer and professional riding instructor she began to study nutrition and fitness and achieved professional certifications in both areas, now she works full time helping horsewomen gain confidence through building the physique and health they've always wanted.

Find her at


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