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Virtual Lessons


Camri Johnson of J Family Equine is now providing the option for Virtual Lessons! Whether you need to problem solve a particular issue with your horse or you want consistent help reaching a particular goal with your horse, Camri is happy to help! If you brought a horse home from training with and have questions of how to move forward, this service is for you!


How it works:
* Record yourself (or have a friend record you) and your horse working on what you would like help with.
* Send the video to me via email, Facebook, Google Drive, etc.
* I will watch your video and voice over it with tips, tricks, and mark-ups on your video, as well as giving you new ideas and techniques to try.
* You will get an email link of your critiqued video to watch as many times as you'd like.

For more information or to inquire about pricing, please call or email by going to the 'Contact Us' page located above.

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