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Virtual Lessons


Camri Johnson of J Family Equine is now providing the option for Virtual Lessons! Whether you need to problem solve a particular issue with your horse or you want consistent help reaching a particular goal with your horse, Camri is happy to help! If you brought a horse home from training with and have questions of how to move forward, this service is for you!


How it works:
* Record you and your horse working on what you would like help with.
* Send the video to me via email, Facebook, Google Drive, Youtube, etc.

* Maximum video length: 10 minutes.

* Email me a short description and/or question about you and your horse.
* We will get on a Zoom call and go through your video together so you can ask questions and gain clarity on your next steps to take with your horse.

Cost: Introductory pricing of $45 for a 45 minute review of your video. Pricing will go up soon, so don't wait to book a virtual lesson!

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