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The Connected Horsewoman's

Retreat 2023



Hello my fellow horsewomen! Let's talk about connection! As humans and animals, we all have a deep need for connection. Connection with ourselves, with others, and with our animals is what brings joy and meaning to our lives.

Brene Brown states, “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

We all know that life can become busy, task-oriented, and stressful, which makes it hard to find the time to unplug, become present, and connect with those around us. The Connected Horsewoman's Retreat is all about taking the time to slow down, spend time in nature, relax, take care of our bodies, become aware of our energy, and learn new ways to facilitate that connection we so deeply long for with our horse and those around us.

Each day of the retreat will begin with yoga and meditation to set the tone and intention for the day. Throughout the weekend you will learn to use your energy with intention while training and working with your horse during a semi-private session with horse trainer, Camri Johnson. There will be group presentations on topics like energy healing, fitness and nutrition for the rider, chiropractic care and bodywork. You will also receive a one hour private massage. There will be a group trail ride each day in the scenic Fish Lake mountains. Evenings will be spent relaxing by the fire.

The value of this retreat includes a campsite for two nights (flush toilets on site), multiple presenters, a private massage session, a semi-private session with a horse trainer, and all meals provided! You don't want to miss this opportunity to get together with like-minded horsewomen and professionals to guide you on your journey to healing, connection, and mindfulness.

A bonus option for this retreat is to add-on a horse and human chiropractic adjustment! Aligning yourself and your horse simultaneously helps the physical connection feel more natural, fluid, and easy.

2023 Retreats are over for the year!
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Introducing Our Team!

Camri Johnson

Camri Johnson is the owner and founder of J Family Equine, where she is a horse trainer and clinician. Her lifelong passion for horses has lead her to dive deeper into helping horse and rider connect and communicate. Camri enjoys helping horse and rider work together with trust, confidence, and synergy.


She will be doing a group session as well as semi-private training sessions with you and your horse at the retreat.

McKayla Lyman_edited.jpg
Kindra Olafson_edited.jpg
McKayla Lyman
Kindra Olafson

McKayla Lyman is the owner and founder of MaK Athletes where she helps horse-crazy women gain confidence through building the physique and health they have always wanted. McKayla has spent her life training colts, instructing riders, teaching equine science, trick riding, and coaching vaulting.


She will be presenting on health and fitness for horsewomen at the retreat.

Kindra Olafson is the owner of Kindred Healing established in 2019. She is a licensed and insured massage therapist specializing in other specific modalities. She is passionate about mind, body & spiritual wellness. Connecting with people and empowering others to reclaim their own power from within is part of her purpose.

She will be providing private massages for all of the wonderful ladies at the July retreat.

Jasmine Desirae2_edited.jpg
Chelsea Boman.jpeg
Jasmine Desirae
Chelsea Jones Boman
Caite Moulton

Jasmine Desirae is the owner and founder of My Mind and Body Collective. She is a Reiki master teacher, Masterson method practitioner, and a horse owner. 

Her mission is to help you in living not a more perfect life, but a truer one. Helping you quiet the endless chatter in your mind and shield yourself from the expectations of the world around you. Allowing you to live your life true to yourself and your values.

She will be doing a presentation on Reiki/Masterson method at the retreat, as well as doing a sound bowl and flow around the fire.

Dr. Chelsea of Peach Creek Chiropractic is a licensed human chiropractor and an AVCA certified animal chiropractor. She has been involved with horses since she was 2, and is passionate about empowering both the 2 and 4-legged to live their best lives possible.

She will be doing a group presentation as well as offering a bonus option at the retreat.

You can get a human and horse chiropractic adjustment for only $150 (That is $100 in savings!)

Caite Moulton is the owner and founder of Caite's Massage Therapy, established in 2018. She worked for the state of Utah working on individuals with disabilities for 2 years while simultaneously running her own massage business, and found that opportunity to be extremely rewarding.


She enjoys helping people feel relaxed and get relief through massage therapy, whether they need relief from the stress of everyday life or need help with a recent or past injury.

She will be providing private massages for the wonderful ladies at the August Retreat.

Anna Whittaker 2_edited.jpg
Anna Whittaker
Priscilla Shatto

Anna Whittaker is a long time friend of trainer, Camri Johnson. She grew up in Idaho, and now lives in central Utah where she is a hairstylist, a mother to three beautiful children, and an amazing cook! 

Anna will be catering our July retreat!

Priscilla Shatto is a mountain woman at heart. She grew up raising horses and ranching. Over the years Priscilla developed a passion for cooking over the open fire and exploring the back country from horseback. She enjoys cooking for outfitters, brandings, and family gatherings. She loves to share recipes and stories over the campfire.

Priscilla will be catering our August retreat!

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